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The Rebel DX Group is a band of visionary members that seek to activate very rare and semi-rare DX locations with quality Ham Radio Operators from around the world.

For several reasons we believe more “lightweight” DXpeditions are beneficial to our Ham Radio Community.

Right off the bat we’d like you to know a few things about us.  Some in the hobby of Ham Radio have called us “Rebels”.  We don’t deny.  They say we are a “disruptive force”.  We don’t deny.  They’ve told us, “you can’t do it that way”.   We’ve proven we can.  The Rebel DX Group doesn’t look for trouble, but we can assure you we don’t run from it either.  We’re a Band of Rebel Brothers that seek out non-traditional ways to bring the Ham Radio Community contacts from far away places.  We are constantly on the lookout for new and cutting edge operational and funding possibilities.  We think, “out-of-the-box”.

Our Mission Statement is simple:   “To activate very rare and semi-rare DX locations with quality Ham Radio Operators from around the world.

Have you worked Rebel DX Group Member Mek SP7VC
Surely you have.  Take a look at Mek’s Website at SP7VC.pl.
SP7VC, Mek was active from 78 DXCC countries and he visited over 100 so far
Mek SP7VC is an engineer of the chemical industry. He received his first ham radio license in 1999, holding Honor Roll #1 today. Apart of ham radio, he’s a fan of traveling and sailing.

DXpeditions he organized or participated over past years: V5/SP7VC, CP/SP7VC, OA/SP7VC, PY5/SP7VC, FS/SP7VC, FJ/SP7VC, VP2V/SP7VC, EA8/SP7VC, EA9/SP7VC, PJ5, PJ6, V44, CT9/SP7VC, FM/SP7VC, FG/SP7VC, J79VC, VP2MPG, 5B/SP7VC, J6/SP7VC, J8/SP7VC, J3/SP7VC, 5B/SP7VC, ZC4, 4X/SP7VC, 5W0VC, T31T, TG/SP7VC, YS/SP7VC, V31VC, HR5, XE3, C56VC, J5/SP7VC, 6W, HP84VC, TI/HP84VC, YN/SP7VC.
Additionally, he activated following European countries on the air: 9A, LX, LA, SM, OH, LY, YL, F, EA, EA6, ES, ES0, HB, PA, EI, OZ, MI, OK, MW, OM, IN3, HB, DL, UR, HA, 3A, C3, ZB2, OY, OH0, LZ, SV, YO, Z3, 4O, ZA, Z6, T7, TK, HB0, CT8, T7, SV5, SV9, 9H3KK. He also managed to activate 49 islands among the IOTA entities. He’s also interested in MeteorScatter contacts (71 grids). His most fav modes are: SSB, FT8, FSK441, JT65, and MSK144. Member of PZK (Polish Radio League), SP UKF Club, SN0HQ Team.

Let us introduce to you Rebel DX Group Member: Les, SP3DOI.  You may know Les from his mega Expeditions( 30.000 QSO’s +) operations as: TJ3SP, TJ3FR | VU4AN/* | VU7RG, VU7MY | 9U0A | VP6DX | 3XY1D | A35YZ | E51M | 1A0C (2012) | D64K | H44G | XR0ZR | 4S7DFG, 4S7FRG, 4S7LXG | T31T (2016) | VP2MDL | Z23MD and many more smaller activitys.
He is a sport pilot, worldwide traveller and ham radio operator. Les specializes in Morse code. He managed to visit over 130 countries so far.

How about Dom 3Z9DX? 

Dom is a yacht and power boat captain, marine rescue instructor as well as a member of the prestigious organization „K38 Water Safety” which trains rescue teams and uniformed services around the world on marine rescue and safety procedures. He has managed to cross 70,000 nautical miles and reached top 15′  „The most travelled man in the world” list.

He has visited 194 countries, and he focuses on searching for and traveling to places that are difficult from a logistic, political or geographical point of view. He is one of the very few people in the world who has been allowed to make ham radio contacts from the Republic of North Korea. P5/3z9dx

Dom is an organizer of ham radio expeditions with humanitarian goals for small communities living in such places as Remote and isolated islands, DXCC’s in Africa, South America and Pacific islands. He also established the Rebel DX Group, uniting ham radio travellers. Dominik managed to land at Bouvet Island in 2001.

Rebel Stan Sp8S

Born in the Bieszczady Mountains, southeast of Poland, Mr. Strzyzewski established and owns the regional tourist portal www.bieszczady.pl. Since 2012, his Facebook fanpage, facebook.com/bieszczady, has gathered over 140k fans. He is a journalist, photographer, and author of numerous publications regarding Bieszczady as well as an experienced traveler and ham radio operator. He cooperates with movie makers such as the director of „The Chronicles of Narnia” by Andrew Adamson, produced by Mark Johnson, the producers of HBO’s TV series „The Pack”, and the creators of the movie „The Border” by Wojciech Kacperski, shot by the Oscar’s nominee Łukasz Żal („Ida”). Stanisław’s photos and coverage of an expedition to Antipodes Island hit The National Geographic Poland. He is a great admirer of photography, long distance radio contacts and everything that regards the natural environment and its exploring. The following are expeditions he participated in in recent years:

  • 2009 – organizer of ham radio expedition to Easter Island,
  • 2009 – participant of ham radio expedition to Lord Howe Island (Australia),
  • 2011 – organizer of expedition to Arctic island of Jan Mayen (Norway),
  • 2016 – co-organizer and participant of the very first civil expedition to Antipodes Island (New Zealand’s subantarctic) conducted by the Department of Conservation of New Zealand.

Stanisław has visited Svalbard, Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia, Malaysia, Borneo, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Singapore and most European countries. He most wants to visit the subantarctic archipelago of Heard and McDonalds (Australia).

Rebel Graham VK3GA
Graham was first licensed in 1975 as a teenager, and is a keen DX’er, living in Melbourne, Australia. He has recently returned to air “full time” and achieved some remarkable results, including back-to-back CQ DX Marathon (Oceania) awards. He also a member of the Wireless Institute of Australia and manages their DX Awards Program. He is a “rookie” DXpeditioner but is keen to learn and help the Rebels with their future expeditions. Graham loves a game of golf and enjoys snow skiing, even though there is not a lot of snow in VK-land!

What about Stan KE5EE ?
You can work him just on coax. This monster station in Florida can ‘see‘ the voices;)

Impressive isn’t it?  World Class Rebels, and that’s just a few of them.

Maybe you’d like to help fund (as a donor or investor) some of our Rebel DX Group DXpeditions?  Maybe you’d like to become a Member of the Rebel DX Group?  We’re betting many Hams may wish to participate in a DXpedition, but don’t know what to do to get started, contact us – we can help.

As our site evolves, please check in over the next few days/weeks/months because we have some big news coming.  We’ve never been keen on “announcements”,  but now that we have a Website, we may start using it for items like that.  In the right and left columns you’ll see pertinent information for DXers.  To keep up on all DX news there’s three separate DX News Feeds and our Facebook feed on the right, new Rebel DX Group Website posts and active solar numbers on the left.  We’re building this site to be a one stop shop for all things DX.  A Website built for Rebel DXers, by Rebel DXers.

There’s a stiff wind sweeping the DX Community, jump aboard Rebels, let’s sail