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3Y0I Bouvet island NEWS

After today’s telephone conversation with the Norwegian Polar Institute, we learned that the Institute suspends all scientific expeditions to a small weather base located on the west side of the Bouvet island.
It is very likely that the station was swept to the ocean by ” landslide ”.

The 3y0i radio expedition is not at risk. We are keep pushing to get a full budget before we set a sail again by end of the year.
Our base will be established on the eastern side of the island on the glacier. This part of the island is not exposed to the worst western winds, waves and landslides.
we want to remind you that we have access to accurate, current satellite photographic data of our landing site.

Dom 3z9dx also has over 100 pictures from his non-radio visit and materials from other people who had visited the island.
We are really well prepared to do this job.

Now is your turn to help or forget about Bouvet in the log.

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