Meet The Atlantic Tuna

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Meet The Atlantic Tuna

First of all – Happy New Year 2019 to all DXers! We rush to share a portion of fresh news from Cape Town.

The Seasons holidays season is over in South Africa, and that gives us hope things start to accelerate in terms of our ship preparations. We now can unveil the name of the vessel taking us to Bouvet Island. Meet “Atlantic Tuna”:

Photo: copyright SP8S / S. Strzyżewski © 2019

The ship is really tough one as it has been built in Iceland and used to sail across the Northern Sea in the worst possible sailing conditions, Its crew has got a hell of such experience.

Currently, the ship is being refurbished from its very bottom to its top, meaning not only reconditioning of its hull but also any of the equipment installed onboard. All navigation, communication and engine systems are brand new, meeting the most demanding technical and safety requirements.

Getting the ship ready is a time and money consuming process that requires a lot of patience and flexibility from us. The vessel needed to go through of all very strict survey by (SAMSA) procedures

to be allowed to leave the shipyard + each and every crew member (including the 3Y0I team) had to get first aid and fire-fighting training international certificates.

There still are some technical obstacles keeping the “Atlantic Tuna” in the shipyard. Extensive South-African bureaucracy doesn’t help at all. We’re aware we start to face a situation the most suitable and safe weather permitting season to reach Bouvet Island is about to slip away. Nevertheless, we’re in South Africa since the last days of October, trying so hard, sacrificing our family time, jobs, money and other resources to make it all happen for you, DXers.

Stay tuned for more news coming soon.

PS. We kindly remind that any usage of our posts in full, including pictures – without our permission – is breaking of copyright laws.

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