Expedition Pilots

Rebel DX Group
3Y0I Pilots

The Rebel DX Group has added ful list of our Pilots. They will support you as much as they can

Main Pilot:
Steve (N2AJ) – n2aj@rebeldxgroup.com

NA East Coast Pilot:
Stan (KE5EE) – ke5ee@rebeldxgroup.com

NA (West Coast) Pilot:
Rich (KY6R) – ky6r@arrl.net

AF Pilot:
Andre (V51B) – anro@iway.na

EU Pilot (Fluent Russian, English):
Alexander (4L5A) – info@at-communication.com

AS Pilot:
Yasu (JR1AIB) – y-inoue@sa2.so-net.ne.jp

OC Pilot:
Col (VK4CC) – vk4cc@optusnet.com.au

SA Pilot:
Val (PY2XU) – py2xu@uol.com.br