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Foundations & Clubs ??

Rebel DX Group
Foundations & Clubs ??

Ham Radio Foundations & Clubs. Do we really need them??

Strings Attached

As I write, and as you see on our Sponsors” page, we have not listed a single Amateur Radio foundation or DX club that has donated to our cause (yet).

To answer a friends inquiry as to, “why is that?” – well, we’ve yet to see an  offer from a foundation or club that did not come with “strings attached“.

Let’s be clear, IF a foundation or a club wants to donate to our cause they can – and we’ll gladly accept those donations to buy more Satellite Internet minutes, and we’ll also list them as a Donor, but don’t expect the Rebels to accept your list of members, your logo, requests for free QSL cards, LoTW requirements, online log specifications, QSL via bureau requirements, list of remote control ops and on and on, and on

The Rebel DX Group thanks all of our listed Sponsors who have donated to date!

An example of “strings attached” below

NDXA Requirements
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